Major Auto Manufacturer Determined To Have Your Car Drive You… By Itself

Toyota is on a mission to make us the Jetson’s and I’m kinda excited about it.  A car that drives me around, while I sit back and relax?  That sounds cool and scary at the same time.  This is definitely the way of the future.  $1 billion is alot of money for Toyota to invest, so you know this is serious stuff.  But what got me really hype is, according to the Associated Press, they want to apply this to other areas of our lives.  Wow! Make sure you go check out the entire article below.

Toyota invests $1 billion in artificial intelligence in U.S.

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Toyota is investing $1 billion in a research company it’s setting up in Silicon Valley to develop artificial intelligence and robotics, underlining the Japanese automaker’s determination to lead in futuristic cars that drive themselves and to apply the technology to other areas of daily life.

Toyota Motor Corp. President Akio Toyoda said Friday that the company will start operating in January with 200 employees at a facility near Stanford University. A second facility will be established near Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge.

The investment, which will be spread over five years, comes on top of $50 million Toyota announced earlier for artificial intelligence research at Stanford and MIT.

Toyota said its interest extended beyond autonomous driving, which is starting to be offered by some automakers and being promised by almost all of them.

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Have you seen the 48 photos Deadspin put out of Greg Hardy’s former girlfriend??  Let me warn you… They’re sickening!  I totally agree with the USA Today writer of the below article.  My question is though, why kick him out of the NFL now? My opinion…he should’ve never been allowed back in.  Who’s bright idea was that?  Oh yeah… The people that make money off Hardy’s back… The NFL.  Check out the full USA Today article below…

Brennan: Kick Greg Hardy out of NFL after release of photos

Article Source: Christine Brennan |

Take a look, sports fans. Take a good look at the 48 photos Deadspin has put online of the battered and bruised body of Greg Hardy’s former girlfriend, Nicole Holder. Study the welts and marks on her back, her arms, her legs, her chin, her neck and her foot.

Then tell me why Hardy should ever be allowed to play another down in the NFL.

Almost 14 months to the day after we saw the Ray Rice video, we’re now looking at the Greg Hardy photos. They’re graphic and brutal and appalling.

Hopefully, they’ll have the same effect on Hardy’s career as the video did on Rice’s. Hardy never should have been allowed back into the NFL after originally being found guilty by a North Carolina judge of various terrible acts of violence against Holder.

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ET Is Not Guilty

Really people?? You really thought aliens had something to do with some kind of structure that you found in space? I don’t believe in aliens and I really don’t know why some people do. I picked this article because I just thought it was just plain stupid. I truly believe that some people think that this world will be held hostage by ET and his boys. The sad part about this article is the fact that “experts” thought it was aliens…LOL. Check out the Daily Mail’s full article by copying the link into your browser…


Bizarre megastructure was NOT built by aliens: Experts rule out ‘Dyson sphere’ theory but admit they still don’t know exactly what it is

Article Source: Sarah Griffiths |

Astronomers have been looking for answers about what is causing the bizarre light fluctuations around the star KIC 8462852 for weeks.

Theories have ranged from an alien megastructure, commonly referred to as a Dyson sphere, to a pair of different-shaped planets orbiting a star.

After pointing satellites towards the unusual ‘structure’ 1,480 light-years away from Earth, experts have now ruled out the extraterrestrial theory, concluding it is ‘probably a natural phenomenon.’

However, they have still not explained what is causing the strange fluctuations in the light.

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Mama Never Said It Would Be Days Like This

How do you swallow a bobby pin?  I have no clue but a 4-year-old boy apparently does.  This is sad because I have a son and I would probably lose my mind if I found out he swallowed a pin.  I feel for his parents and for him.  This is why it’s very important that you pay close attention to the babies.  They’re so quick and all over the place.  Anyway, get all of the details about from the CBS News full article below…

Swallowed bobby pin removed from boy’s kidney

Article Source: Agata Blaszczak Boxe |

Kids will put anything in their mouths, and usually this doesn’t cause serious harm. But for one 4-year-old boy in Saudi Arabia, swallowing a bobby pin led to a perforated intestine, a pierced kidney and surgery to fix it all, according to a new report of his case.

After a medical team operated to remove the pin, the boy recovered without further complications, according to the doctors who treated the boy and wrote the report of his case.

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Happy 36th Birthday Lamar Odom

It’s just good see that Odom is doing a lot better than what he was almost a month ago.  You never want to see someone go through what he went through.  I just pray that he continues to improve and get back healthy.  I’m sure it’s hard to do that when you’re a celebrity and cameras are everywhere.  It’s pretty cool of his wife to do such a wonderful thing for him.  There’s only one problem… I didn’t get my reservation.  What’s up with that?  Check out the full article from the NY Daily News but going to the link below…

Lamar Odom to celebrate his 36th birthday in the hospital with a small party Khloé Kardashian’s throwing

Article Source: Nancy Dillon |

Lamar Odom remains hospitalized but held court during an intimate birthday party inside Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Friday, a source told the Daily News.

Wife Khloé Kardashian, 31, planned the small soiree to mark his 36th year and invited some of his former Clippers teammates to attend, the source confirmed.

“She would love for him to have a special day,” the source told The News.

Lakers players Kobe Bryant and Metta World Peace were traveling Friday but planned to connect with their former teammate via video chat, reported.

The party guest list also included two of Odom’s best friends who are not basketball players and his NBA trainer of 15 years, the magazine said…

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Record High Profit For Bershire Hathaway

Mr. Buffett is the man!  I’ve always liked how he conducts business.  According to this Reuters article, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is enjoying record high profit on Kraft Heinz Co.  The third quarter was good for them in terms of net income but not so much for operating profit.  I like this article because it speaks to the many successes that one can have even in a time when the economic landscape isn’t so good. To read the full article from Reuters, make sure you visit their website below…

Berkshire profit doubles to record on Kraft Heinz

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Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc (BRKa.N) (BRKb.N) said quarterly profit doubled to a record high, reflecting a large gain on its stake in Kraft Heinz Co (KHC.O), while operating profit declined on weaker results from insurance underwriting.

Third-quarter net income rose to $9.43 billion, or $5,737 per Class A share, from $4.62 billion, or $2,811, a year earlier.

Operating profit fell 4 percent to $4.55 billion, or $2,769 per share, from $4.72 billion, or $2,876.

Analysts on average expected operating profit of $2,720.60 per share, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

Among Berkshire’s larger businesses, profit fell 34 percent from insurance underwriting to $414 million, rose 12 percent at the BNSF railroad to $1.16 billion, and rose 13 percent to $786 million at Berkshire Hathaway Energy.

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For more details, check out this video and find out why Buffet bought Heinz…

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Portion Of Affordable Care Act Being Challenged… AGAIN!!

As a born again christian I understand where these organizations are coming from.  They want to provide the best benefits for their employees but don’t want to compromise their religious beliefs to do it… I get it.  What I find crazy is the fact that the United States was built on evangelical principles but will not change the ruling or as yet to.  This is the fourth time in five years that they have fought some aspect of the Affordable Care Act.  Hopefully it gets resolved.

I shared this article from the Washington Post because maybe you can relate to it, maybe you can’t.  For further details check out the original article below…

Supreme Court Accepts Challenge To Health Law’s Contraceptive Mandate

Article Source: Robert Barnes |

“The Supreme Court on Friday agreed to hear another challenge to the Affordable Care Act, this time to decide whether religiously affiliated organizations such as universities, hospitals and charities should be free from playing any role in providing employees with contraceptive coverage.

The case pits questions of religious liberty against a woman’s right to equal health care access, and it is the fourth time in five years the court will consider some aspect of what has come to be known as Obamacare.

The Obama administration says it has provided the organizations with an easy way to opt out of the legal requirement that employers include contraceptives as part of health insurance coverage. Employers who object must file their religious objections and let insurance companies and the government take over from there…”

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No one likes to be forced to do anything.  I’m sure there is some common ground that can be reached.  I pray that it happens soon.

I thought the article was written well and touched on many key points that I as a reader would want to know about.

Check out this video for further background information:


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